Purple Team Operation

Because Red and Blue Alone were too Mainstream: Welcome to the Purple Team

Purple team operations employ a collaborative approach that merges the capabilities of the blue and red teams to fortify your organization's security posture. In this exercise, our red team collaborates with your blue team to simulate real-world attacks, while actively monitoring and correlating alerts and techniques.

The outcome is a comprehensive evaluation of your organization's security controls, which includes post-simulation or postincident reviews, security alert testing, EDR testing, proxy and mail defense configuration, active directory review, workstation resilience, and blue team and outsourced SOC validation. The purple team approach centers on validating and enhancing the effectiveness of detection controls, harnessing both the adversary simulation and detection expertise of our industry professionals.

Our offer

We deliver a multi-dimensional service aimed at assessing, strengthening, and improving your cybersecurity measures. Our professionals are adept at demystifying and breaking down complex attack techniques, sharing our expertise in test case methodologies to integrate detection validation testing into your internal security operations. With our help, you can not only identify your security vulnerabilities but also equip your teams with the knowledge to address future threats proactively.

Why Choose Us

With ShorSec, rest assured that you're investing in more than a service. You're investing in a security partnership that prioritizes your organization's long-term security resilience.

We work alongside your team, understanding your specific detection capabilities, and fostering an environment that promotes knowledge exchange. Our goal is to enhance your internal competencies and empower your team to face future security threats head-on.
Our Purple Team Operations does not merely focus on identifying gaps in detection. It is designed to help you understand, improve, and fortify your overall security posture. We help you validate and enhance your detection capabilities and offer insights into integrating detection validation testing into your operational framework.
With our extensive experience in red teaming and incident response, we are uniquely positioned to provide real-world attack scenarios and test cases that will push your defense capabilities to the limit and beyond.
Our team comprises dedicated professionals who are not just experts in their fields, but are also committed to sharing their knowledge and expertise. With ShorSec, you gain a reliable partner ready to collaborate with you to bolster your cybersecurity defenses.
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