We protect your data

At Shorsec, we are committed to helping you protect your data and your assets against malicious actors. Our professional team of cybersecurity experts create a customized plan to assess your cybersecurity controls and find the loopholes. 

We identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, so you can ramp up your security before the hackers access your sensitive information.

Our goal is to secure your data and optimize your cyber protection.


To ensure that every company has an effective cyber-defense to protect them from malicious attackers. This is how we make the cyberworld safer.



We appreciate that you trust us with your most sensitive information. Confidentiality is number one in the ShorSec Code of Ethics.


Client loyalty above all. Each client receives professional, personalized support throughout the entire assessment process.


Offensive cyber security is our passion. We on the cutting edge – always up-to-date with the latest cyber offensive techniques and technologies. 


Shlomi Nechama 

founder & CEO

Shlomi is an Information Security Specialist with over seven years of experience in information technology and security. He focuses on security operations and detection engineering. His experience includes performing penetration tests and red team assessments for numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is an award-winner, known for his excellent performance and ability to build strong client relationships. With proficiency in a variety of testing methods and programming languages, his passion lies in safeguarding systems and data in our ever-evolving digital landscape.

Nadav Aleh

Strategic Advisor

Nadav is a cyber security expert with over thirty-five years of experience, specializing in leveraging offensive cyber and adversary simulation capabilities to develop and build cyber defense capabilities.
During the past decade, Nadav was the managing partner for EY Israel’s cybersecurity consulting team, AKA Hacktics, which provided consulting and professional services mainly to Fortune 500 clients.
Nadav is a retired LTC from the Israeli Military Intelligence, where he held numerous command positions related to cybersecurity from multiple angles, for which he received the prestigious Israeli Defense Award.

Ben Mizrachi

Head of Business development

Ben is an accomplished cybersecurity business development manager, is committed to helping companies through the complex terrain of digital security. With a demonstrated track record of aiding Fortune 500 cybersecurity teams, he acknowledges that protecting your organization requires a personalized strategy rather than a generic one. Ben delves deeply into understanding the distinct needs of his portfolio businesses, guaranteeing that they receive customized cybersecurity solutions meticulously aligned with their unique requirements.


At ShorSec, our goal is to identify your unique security priorities and strengthen your security posture. 
By identifying your most critical assets, we can effectively pinpoint the weaknesses in your security controls that affect you most. Our team of experts utilize the latest adversary tactics and techniques to assess the effectiveness of your security measures and help your secure your organization.

Manage your risks and know that you’re protected against attacks. 

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