Protect against cybersecurity attacks and improve your security posture


Evaluate the effectiveness of your security measures and identify your level of risk against a sophisticated adversary. 

Red Team

Our team will test your detection and response capabilities by playing the role of attacker. They will attempt to break through your cybersecurity defense by simulating the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP’s) that are used by advanced adversaries. 

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Purple Team Operation

Collaborate to test and improve your organization’s security posture. 
Our cyber-security experts will join together with your internal defense team to maximize your cybersecurity capabilities. We will evaluate and assess your security controls in real time. 

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Physical Security Assessment

Our team of cybersecurity experts will assess the security measures that protect your facilities, assets and personnel. They will perform a  comprehensive evaluation of the effectiveness of your access controls and physical security measures by simulating social engineering attacks.

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Assumed Breach Assessment

Our team will strategically simulate potential threat events to test your organization's capacity to detect and respond to a breach. They will attempt to replicate the activities a malicious attacker might perform, and aid your organization in understanding potential threats and responses.

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Social Engineering & Employee Awareness

Our team will identify your organization's susceptibilities to phishing, spear-phishing, smishing and vishing attacks. Our team will create a customized simulated social engineering campaign to uncover any security awareness and personnel gaps in your organization.

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Bring your cyber security defenses to a higher level. 

Our cyber security experts will partner with your organization to understand your current processes, evaluate your cyber assets and take the necessary steps to improve your security posture.

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Identify loopholes and vulnerabilities – before the hackers find them.


Choose the assessment

Select the cybersecurity defense you want to test.


Test your system

Our team of professional cybersecurity experts will assess, evaluate and penetrate your systems and applications.


Create a

Receive a comprehensive report detailing the vulnerabilities and suggesting areas of improvement.


Implement the changes

Take the necessary steps to remediate loopholes and strengthen your security posture.  


Retest your system

We’ll reassess and ensure that there are no more security vulnerabilities.


Enjoy secure systems

Relax. Your data is safe from malicious attackers. 



At ShorSec, our goal is to identify your unique security priorities and strengthen your security posture. 
By identifying your most critical assets, we can effectively pinpoint the weaknesses in your security controls that affect you most. Our team of experts utilize the latest adversary tactics and techniques to assess the effectiveness of your security measures and help your secure your organization.

Manage your risks and know that you’re protected against attacks. 

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