Physical Security Assessment

Because Not All Threats are Virtual

Physical security forms an essential part of your overall security strategy. Our Physical Security Assessment is designed to assure you that your facilities, assets, and personnel are well-protected from physical threats. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your access controls and physical security measures to ensure their effectiveness. Our service includes a physical penetration test, where we scrutinize all physical security controls, from locks to cameras, fences to security guards, and other safety measures. We simulate attacks to assess your physical security's resilience and identify potential areas for improvement.

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With our Physical Security Assessment, we don't just evaluate your physical security measures but also conduct physical social engineering tests. These tests help us gauge the challenges an attacker might face while exploiting the human element of your organization to access your premises physically. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your physical security posture, we provide a comprehensive understanding of risks associated with potential physical attacks on your locations, along with recommendations to enhance your access controls.

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Choosing ShorSec's Physical Security Assessment service ensures you're partnering with a team dedicated to your organization's long-term safety and security.

Our team of experts assesses every aspect of your physical security measures, from locks and fences to security guards and cameras. We simulate attacks to gauge the effectiveness of these controls and identify areas that need reinforcement.
By understanding your physical security strengths and weaknesses, we offer you a comprehensive understanding of the risks associated with potential physical attacks on your locations.
We don't just limit our assessments to physical controls. We also perform social engineering tests to understand how well your organization can resist attacks exploiting the human element.
Post-evaluation, we don't just leave you with the findings. We provide bespoke recommendations to help you bolster your access controls and overall physical security posture.
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