Assumed Breach Assessment

Bracing for Breaches - Creating Cyber Fortresses

Our Assumed Breach Assessment is a strategic service designed to evaluate your organization's preparedness and capability to detect a compromise. Recognizing that any organization is susceptible to a breach, we take an approach that simulates post-compromise activities and potential lateral movements during a specific threat event. Our operation, often discreet, is designed to test the detection and response capabilities of your blue team.

We emulate an adversary within your network, starting as a least-privileged user and aiming to access other systems, identify sensitive data, escalate network privileges, and pivot to other network areas using standard user credentials provided by you. This simulated operation enables your organization to understand potential threats and responses, thereby reinforcing your internal security measures.

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Unlike typical penetration tests that cover a broad scope within a specified timeframe, our operation is goal-oriented and realistic, closely simulating a real attacker's actions. The value derived from our service includes a comprehensive roadmap for remediating visibility gaps and a deeper understanding of your organization's overall security posture and readiness level.

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Opting for ShorSec's Assumed Breach Assessment, you're choosing a service that brings more than just a vulnerability test. You're selecting a team that's focused on improving your organization's long-term security strength.

We operate under the assumption that any organization can be breached. Through our service, we prepare you for this inevitability by simulating post-compromise activities and types of lateral movements that could occur during a threat event.
Unlike a typical penetration test, our Assumed Breach Assessment is goal-based and objective-driven, aiming at replicating a real attacker's actions in a realistic scenario.
Starting as a least-privileged user, we attempt to access other systems, escalate network privileges, and pivot to other network areas, just like a real attacker would. This approach helps your organization understand potential threats and responses better.
We don't just identify the vulnerabilities; we provide a detailed remediation roadmap on how to address visibility gaps. This empowers your organization with a deeper understanding of your overall security posture and readiness level.
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