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At Shorsec, we assess your cyber assets to discover vulnerabilities. We help secure your cyber landscape, so you can safeguard your organization and protect your data.

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Is your network secure?
Is your data really protected? 

As technology constantly evolves, so does the hackers tactics.

You need to defend your networks and get ahead of malicious actors  - before they manage to access your private data.

Discover where, how and why vulnerabilities occur. Learn how to safeguard your organization and protect your data.

Our team of professional cybersecurity experts will assess, evaluate, and penetrate your network to ensure your data is safe from all angles. 

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At ShorSec, our goal is to identify your unique security priorities and strengthen your security posture. 
By identifying your most critical assets, we can effectively pinpoint the weaknesses in your security controls that affect you most. Our team of experts utilize the latest adversary tactics and techniques to assess the effectiveness of your security measures and help your secure your organization.

Manage your risks and know that you’re protected against attacks. 

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Infiltration with a purpose

Any cybersecurity consultant can try to penetrate your network.  It’s how you interpret the results that count. At ShorSec, we are experts at detecting the loopholes and analyzing the findings, so you can close them down before the hackers have a chance to abuse them.

Get a comprehensive view of your security posture. Identify and remediate vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious actors. 

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The field of offensive cyber security is constantly evolving. 

Learn about the latest research

DLL Notification Injection

New “threadless” process injection technique that works by utilizing the concept of DLL Notification Callbacks in local and remote processes.


Mor Davidovich

The Path To DA - Part 2: (Relaying) To The Internet And Back

During this engagement, I reached Domain Admin privileges in 6 different ways. In this blog post, however, I will walk you through one of the most interesting ways of the 6 rather than going through all of them.

The Essential Elements of a Successful Penetration Testing Plan

Unlock the secrets of a foolproof penetration testing plan with our comprehensive guide. Learn the essential elements for guaranteed success.

The Path To DA - Part 1: SysAdmins Love Generic Passwords

The plan was to run sharphound.exe with the method -c a because why not? Let’s wake up the analysts in the SoC and bring enough coffee for the whole team, otherwise this could get really messy ...

Our Cyber Responsibility

At ShorSec, we are on a mission to help you secure your cyber landscape

We’re sharing our tools openly with the community – so you can strengthen your networks and keep your data private and protected. 

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