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Wi-Fi Assessment For Hotel And Casino Chain

The Challenge

A global hotel and casino chain wanted to test their Wi-Fi networks in one of their main hotels for any weaknesses. This was a coverage-based assessment of all their various Wi-Fi networks across the hotel premises, including their guest, employees, casino and nightclub Wi-Fi networks.

Project Description

We began by mapping the entire hotel for various Wi-Fi networks to identify the different types of networks (guests, employees, casino, nightclub) to target. We then performed coverage-based testing on selective Wi-Fi networks of each type in an attempt to breach them and gain unauthorized access to the networks. Attacks such as de-auth, evil twin, password cracking, and MAC spoofing were executed during the assessment.

Overall, most of the networks were deemed to be secure, though some vulnerabilities were identified and patched. Proper segmentation of Wi-Fi networks and internal networks were also assessed.

This assessment not only fortified the hotel's defenses but also provided a clear message to its stakeholders and guests about its commitment to cybersecurity.

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